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Slocum Industrial Equipment - Goff Shot Blast Equipment
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Bainite Steel Shot
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Bainite Steel Shot

   In 1981, the shot industry changed forever! That's the year an American owned  Steel Abrasive Company began manufacturing steel shot with the unique bainite microstructure.
   Premium bainite abrasives meet SAE specifications for low carbon cast steel shot. Time and again, competitive testing has shown that bainite shot wears better and lasts longer than martensitic cast steel shot.

Bainite Shot Lives 10-40 Percent Longer
Than Conventional Steel Shot.

Here's Why:

Bainite Steel Shot

   Quite simply, Bainite shot has the ideal microstructure for peening and blast cleaning. The SAE hardness specification for steel shot is 40-50 on Rockwell C scale. It is best when shot meets this spec as-cast. since additional tempering typically creates micro- cracks which are detrimental to shot performance. Because its microstructure is composed of upper and lower case Bainite shot is at its final hardness 44-46 Rc as-cast. and therefore devoid of microcracks. Conversely, the more common tempered Martensite is 62-65 Rc as-cast, and thus plagued by the defects which the tempering step can produce.

Bainite Steel Shot

  There's another reason why Bainite shot is tougher and more fracture resistant than Martensitic shot. Seen through a microscope. Bainite appears acicular (rods) and featherlike, forming an interwoven lattice type microstructure. In addition to providing excellent resistance to stress and quench cracking, the Bainite microstructure enables the shot to wear at a controlled rate, maintaining its overall shape and uniformity its entire life.
   These characteristics are especially significant to customers with exacting requirements, such as those in the aerospace industry. Unlike Martensite, Bainite can not break up at random and form sharp edges Sharp edges can impart surface imperfections which later cause the failure of critical parts. And Bainite never leaves a residue prone to rusting on non-ferrous parts, another problem often encountered by Martensite customers.
   The life of Bainite shot exceeds the industry average by 25 percent. Its closest competitor by 10 percent, and some competitors by as much as 40 percent. Tests by well-known shot users verify this data. Clearly, Bainite has the microstructure which produces the best results.
   For an in depth discussion on how Bainite Shot can save, you time and money, plus increase the quality of your finished product, give us a call or fill out our Information Request Form.


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